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Lace wigs offer the perfect opportunity to ‘rest’ your hair or take a break from chemical processing, but please remember not to neglect your natural hair. Here are a few DON'TS.

Don't - Brush curly hair when hair is dry.
use flat irons too often - a curly wig is designed to be curly!

Don't - Brush curly hair when hair is dry.

Don't - Attempt to dye your wig or change its fundamental structure. (ie, try to make a straight wig curly).

Don't - Comb the hair too vigorously.

Don't - Use heavy grease products - they may loosen the knots and cause shedding. If you must use dressing products use small amounts and away from the cap base.

Don't - Fold your wig - when not in use place your wig on a correctly sized wig stand to maintain its shape.

Storage Tip: Using dressmakers' or 'T'-pins carefully pin your wig onto the head to keep in place being careful not to damage the lace. For long term storage keep in a covered box.