Let 's talk about the facts and not hide it. Yes, Lace Front Wigs are expensive. They cost from a few hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars depending on texture, style, color, wave pattern and type. As the quality of the wig increases the price also escalates.

But let me tell you another fact about lace front wigs. Though they are expensive they are cost effective. You normally visit your hair salon once every two weeks, if not at least once a month. You would spend considerable money on perm, relaxer or a touch-up. Lace front wigs are cost effective, very durable and last long, providing proper care. In the long run you will easily agree that lace front wigs are worth the investment.

Invest in a lace front wig and you will not regret at all. Here is a little breakdown about the cost. Consider this....

Approximate ANNUAL COST?

  Can you SWIM in it?
  Can you WORKOUT & SWEAT in it?
  Approximate TIME TO REMOVE?

FULL LACE WIG $525 1 wig - Self application saves you time and money

Human Hair MICRO BRAIDS $250 + Hair + = 350 or more
Full Head, Human Hair Wefts BONDED WEAVE $130 + Hair $200 = $330
Think about what you would spend every 2 weeks/26 x per year = this could be costly

Full Head, Human Hair Wefts SEW-IN WEAVE $300 + Hair $200 = $500 and your tracks will still show through
Beauty Supply SYNTHETIC WIG $180$45 per wig - 4 per year = frustration + it is obvious you are wearing a wig
Beauty Supply HUMAN HAIR WIG $560$140 per wig - 4 per year = frustration +it is obvious you are wearing a wig

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